Self care…

What makes you believe someone who you think loves you actually does? Let’s frame it this way like what is your definition of love, if you are able to define what love means to you use that frame on people around you and the ones that fit in your love frame is whom you love. But how can you make a same Frame for others and guaze if you actually fit into their love frame…

Where there is affection there is love

Where there is genuine care and concern there is love

Where there is hope there is love

Where there is pain there is love

Where there is heartbreak there used to be love

Where there is a crush it might manifest into love

Where there is believe there is love

It’s difficult to understand if you can fit into the love frame of the person who fits in your frame but you do have a person for you who understands you in and out, who has been a witness to all your struggles, successes, failures, who guides your conscience to do what is right for you, you might not be present in front of you directly but you constantly talk to them and ask for their validation before making up your mind. You guessed it…its YOU.

You have validation for person whom you like and love but do you even consider yourself before them. You do fit in you love frame perfectly but you tend to believe you’ll find it outside which often leads to expectations and eventually disappointment. Why put yourself through so much? You are responsible for your own happiness and you are the one who is supposed to put efforts to achieve that. You can’t completely make your happiness others business and never goes as you think and you end up losing yourself in the process which is all you’ll always have no matter what you do. Don’t underestimate how lovely and beautiful you are inside out and you don’t people to love you to live but rather you need to put yourself first and care for your feelings.


What lies in the past…

I used to think of how if past could have been a little easy on me than it always had been how wonderful it would have been, how beautiful life would have been.

But I realized lessons in life that are learnt the harder ways cannot be forgotten so even if I think if I can go back in time and change those situations somehow I don’t thing I’d be a strong person as I am today so I do appreciate how far I’ve come and how strong I’ve made myself.

It’s more easy said than actually done but at the end of the day I believe we are responsible for our own happiness and the day you forget this and look out for a person to depend on to make you happy you tend to give up on this responsibility that you have towards yourself and so begins a series of unhappiness and disappointments. How can you look for something that you have deep within you outside! You never get it if you look for it in the wrong path.

There are millions of people and situations out that will make you unhappy if you give them a chance to do so but you need to find some way how you can make yourself happy and this won’t happen if you dwell in the past and waste your present thinking how things in past could have been better.

Always remind yourself when you wake up in the morning everyday that what lies ahead is much greater than what you have left behind , this might not make your situation any easier but it will definitely change your approach to these situations and to your life.

Hope you all have a blissful week ahead…


β€œIt is not the strongest of the species that
survives, not the most intelligent that survives. It’s the one that is the most adaptable to change.”
– Charles Darwin

Survival of the fittest. The phrase is best understood as, survival of the form that will leave the most copies of itself in successive generations. While physical fitness is an attribute of ‘fitness’, it is just one of many.
You must learn to adapt to change in order
to not only become successful in your life, but to survive.

Nothing good can come to you if refrain yourself from changing with the pace of the world. Ofcourse it’s difficult to motivate yourself, come out of your cozy comfort zone to pace up everytime with the Change but that’s what keeps you on your toes and helps you achieve better things in life that you want for yourself.

I think I learnt this lesson in a hard way in life through my past experiences but learning it hard way is what made it memorable and worth it. And if I would get a chance to go back in past I would not like to change any of it as I know what I was going through at that time and how I came out of it, changed myself completely in an attempt to become a better version of myself…

Jatashankar Temple caves pachmarhi

It was kind of early morning when we had planned to go to jatashankar after all the previous day exciting trek that we had to the Chauragarh Peak which is around 1.5km from Pachmarhi bus station. Jatashankar or Jata Shankar is a cave temple located in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh. Also called Jatashankar Cave Temple, it is one of the popular places to visit in Pachmarhi.

Situated in a deep ravine with enormous boulders perched above, the Jata Shankar Caves in Pachmarhi are considered sacred as it is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva concealed himself from the wrath of Bhasmasur. This is a beautiful limestone cave comprising stalactites and stalagmites that look like the matted hair of Lord Shiva, hence named Jata Shankar Cave. Besides, the ceiling of this famous shrine has a formation that closely resembles the mythological hundred-headed snake Seshnag.

The cave contains stalagmites which are revered as naturally formed lingams. In fact, there are 108 such natural lingams present in this cave. There are two different types of ponds fed by springs, found in the locality, one of cold water and the other one of hot water. Water in the cave flows from an unknown point as no one has ever seen or reached that starting point and hence this stream of water is popularly known as ‘Gupt Ganga’. It is believed that the Jambu Dwip stream originates from this cave. There are idols of Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati enshrined at a platform on the upper section of the cave.

Tourists need to walk about 1km and then climb down 150 steps leading to the cave temple. Also this walk to reach the cave is full surrounding view of beautifully cut mountains that are created naturally over the centuries because of the water and the weather changes. Besides, one can buy the local ayurvedic oils and shilajit that are being sold by vendors all along the route.