Expressing love in silence is not a thing!

How seldom or frequently do you express your love to you partner or family?

You may think that whatever you do  for your family and/or partner like earn money for them, give them a better lifestyle, care for them, protect them, try to understand their needs before they say it and fulfill it, plan a vacation for them, stay together with them, spend time with them, go to the hospital with them for their treatment if they are ill are all clear expression of your love for them. It seems more like fulfilling your responsibility rather than an expression of love.

You may think expressing your love to someone in words is awkward, or what is there to say as they might already know, why do you need to reiterate it every now and then as it won’t change love and affection you have for them.

Love always have a need to be expressed, it is not something you can expect from your loved one’s to understand through your actions or assume that they might already know. If you love someone wholeheartedly, you never fail to express it to them in every possible occasion you get, this way you make them realize and appreciate that you have them in their heart and still hold that importance in their life. They are the one you have in their heart that they cherish and you don’t shy away from admitting it to the world. This confession of love every now and then is a glue that holds the essence of your relationship and never lets it break or fade away.

I believe if you think you love someone maybe for years but you do anything less than making them feel special by expressing it frequently you tend to make them feel you no longer love them or cherish them the way you did before or they are just becoming a burden or responsibility to you, you start to drift apart and if this continues and if you do not act promptly you might realize that you are not able to fill in the rift that has formed in your relationship.

Isn’t this the main reason why most of the relationships that we think as our ideal that would last forever doesn’t even last till lifetime, this is because the relationship loses the essence of expression of love in it as both the party involved finds it awkward and unnecessary after staying together for decades if not years…

Appreciate and cherish the people that you love in your life and never put them in a tight spot in your relationship where they feel unwanted, unappreciated and lonely even though they have you.


August letter

Dear Folks,

I’ve learnt wonderful lessons while facing way to many ups and downs in life in last few years like-

You only tend to see what you want to see in the given situation. People can guide you, advice you as much as their heart desires but YOU are the one who you listen to so beware of what you think and convince yourself…

For everything you’ve lost, you have gained something. With every bad experiences you get lessons for life and with every good experience you create beautiful memories for life.

Love yourself no matter what others think of you, you were not born just to get approval from people telling you how to live and feel who themselves are never happy and satisfied in life. This is you own life and choices you make that makes you what you are, don’t let anyone’s judgement influence your happiness. When I look back I realize how much time I’ve wasted trying to become a person that fits in the frame of perfect girl who I was not happy being. Doing what you love to do and caring more about your thoughts and choice rather unnecessary validations from people around is liberating, it makes you believe that if you love yourself you won’t let yourself suffer because of others because it’s not worth losing your mind or yourself for…

Situation that break/shatter you completely making you believe nothing and doubt every believe that you have is what remoulds you into a strong and better person. This process of making and breaking is rule of the universe that can be seen everywhere, everyone…there is no exception to that. It’s your choice if you want to be shattered for life or build yourself again again with perseverance. Trust me when I say, this takes every ounce of efforts from your end to make up your mind and face all the situations heads on…

It’s true when people say that every situation that comes up in life is a phase that has to pass, nothing is constant neither pain, suffering nor happiness and peace. But it is up to you how you mould yourself for these situations and face it or just hide or avoid it. Well, former choice is the unsaid choice that you have to make eventually because you do realize once you grow up the you can’t always run or hide, you ought to settle and face what comes for you…its kind of the compulsory question that you have in an exam that is difficult but requires you to attempt to pass through…

I like pouring my thoughts into my blogs like this because I believe many people out there might find it difficult to handle themselves in weird situations life put you through and would like to know that they are not alone facing this. Sometimes its just enough to know that there are people around who are in difficult situations but choose to fight and face it. I do appreciate how similar the points that I mention here are to theirs through their comments on my blogs. Thanks you all for the love and support…

Kind Regards,


Self care…

What makes you believe someone who you think loves you actually does? Let’s frame it this way like what is your definition of love, if you are able to define what love means to you use that frame on people around you and the ones that fit in your love frame is whom you love. But how can you make a same Frame for others and guaze if you actually fit into their love frame…

Where there is affection there is love

Where there is genuine care and concern there is love

Where there is hope there is love

Where there is pain there is love

Where there is heartbreak there used to be love

Where there is a crush it might manifest into love

Where there is believe there is love

It’s difficult to understand if you can fit into the love frame of the person who fits in your frame but you do have a person for you who understands you in and out, who has been a witness to all your struggles, successes, failures, who guides your conscience to do what is right for you, you might not be present in front of you directly but you constantly talk to them and ask for their validation before making up your mind. You guessed it…its YOU.

You have validation for person whom you like and love but do you even consider yourself before them. You do fit in you love frame perfectly but you tend to believe you’ll find it outside which often leads to expectations and eventually disappointment. Why put yourself through so much? You are responsible for your own happiness and you are the one who is supposed to put efforts to achieve that. You can’t completely make your happiness others business and never goes as you think and you end up losing yourself in the process which is all you’ll always have no matter what you do. Don’t underestimate how lovely and beautiful you are inside out and you don’t people to love you to live but rather you need to put yourself first and care for your feelings.

What lies in the past…

I used to think of how if past could have been a little easy on me than it always had been how wonderful it would have been, how beautiful life would have been.

But I realized lessons in life that are learnt the harder ways cannot be forgotten so even if I think if I can go back in time and change those situations somehow I don’t thing I’d be a strong person as I am today so I do appreciate how far I’ve come and how strong I’ve made myself.

It’s more easy said than actually done but at the end of the day I believe we are responsible for our own happiness and the day you forget this and look out for a person to depend on to make you happy you tend to give up on this responsibility that you have towards yourself and so begins a series of unhappiness and disappointments. How can you look for something that you have deep within you outside! You never get it if you look for it in the wrong path.

There are millions of people and situations out that will make you unhappy if you give them a chance to do so but you need to find some way how you can make yourself happy and this won’t happen if you dwell in the past and waste your present thinking how things in past could have been better.

Always remind yourself when you wake up in the morning everyday that what lies ahead is much greater than what you have left behind , this might not make your situation any easier but it will definitely change your approach to these situations and to your life.

Hope you all have a blissful week ahead…

Life must go on…

In life –

we all have an unspeakable secret that we want to take to our graves,

an irreversible regret that we never be able to make up for,

an unkept promise that might have hurt the person who loved and trusted you,

an unheard request that was obviously loud but you never tried to heat it out,

an irreplaceable loss that makes you feel empty in your heart even today no matter how much you try to keep yourselffrom hurting on thinkingabout it,

an unreachable dream which always inspired and motivated you to get up and work for it but not being able to become a reality has shattered you to the Core and added it in you list of regrets

and an unforgettable first love which might bringa smileonyourfaceeven todaywhen you think of it but it’s too good to be real.

Still life is being about happy anyhow because everything in life can be summed up in 4 words “life must goes on” no matter what.