Expressing love in silence is not a thing!

How seldom or frequently do you express your love to you partner or family?

You may think that whatever you do  for your family and/or partner like earn money for them, give them a better lifestyle, care for them, protect them, try to understand their needs before they say it and fulfill it, plan a vacation for them, stay together with them, spend time with them, go to the hospital with them for their treatment if they are ill are all clear expression of your love for them. It seems more like fulfilling your responsibility rather than an expression of love.

You may think expressing your love to someone in words is awkward, or what is there to say as they might already know, why do you need to reiterate it every now and then as it won’t change love and affection you have for them.

Love always have a need to be expressed, it is not something you can expect from your loved one’s to understand through your actions or assume that they might already know. If you love someone wholeheartedly, you never fail to express it to them in every possible occasion you get, this way you make them realize and appreciate that you have them in their heart and still hold that importance in their life. They are the one you have in their heart that they cherish and you don’t shy away from admitting it to the world. This confession of love every now and then is a glue that holds the essence of your relationship and never lets it break or fade away.

I believe if you think you love someone maybe for years but you do anything less than making them feel special by expressing it frequently you tend to make them feel you no longer love them or cherish them the way you did before or they are just becoming a burden or responsibility to you, you start to drift apart and if this continues and if you do not act promptly you might realize that you are not able to fill in the rift that has formed in your relationship.

Isn’t this the main reason why most of the relationships that we think as our ideal that would last forever doesn’t even last till lifetime, this is because the relationship loses the essence of expression of love in it as both the party involved finds it awkward and unnecessary after staying together for decades if not years…

Appreciate and cherish the people that you love in your life and never put them in a tight spot in your relationship where they feel unwanted, unappreciated and lonely even though they have you.


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