August letter

Dear Folks,

I’ve learnt wonderful lessons while facing way to many ups and downs in life in last few years like-

You only tend to see what you want to see in the given situation. People can guide you, advice you as much as their heart desires but YOU are the one who you listen to so beware of what you think and convince yourself…

For everything you’ve lost, you have gained something. With every bad experiences you get lessons for life and with every good experience you create beautiful memories for life.

Love yourself no matter what others think of you, you were not born just to get approval from people telling you how to live and feel who themselves are never happy and satisfied in life. This is you own life and choices you make that makes you what you are, don’t let anyone’s judgement influence your happiness. When I look back I realize how much time I’ve wasted trying to become a person that fits in the frame of perfect girl who I was not happy being. Doing what you love to do and caring more about your thoughts and choice rather unnecessary validations from people around is liberating, it makes you believe that if you love yourself you won’t let yourself suffer because of others because it’s not worth losing your mind or yourself for…

Situation that break/shatter you completely making you believe nothing and doubt every believe that you have is what remoulds you into a strong and better person. This process of making and breaking is rule of the universe that can be seen everywhere, everyone…there is no exception to that. It’s your choice if you want to be shattered for life or build yourself again again with perseverance. Trust me when I say, this takes every ounce of efforts from your end to make up your mind and face all the situations heads on…

It’s true when people say that every situation that comes up in life is a phase that has to pass, nothing is constant neither pain, suffering nor happiness and peace. But it is up to you how you mould yourself for these situations and face it or just hide or avoid it. Well, former choice is the unsaid choice that you have to make eventually because you do realize once you grow up the you can’t always run or hide, you ought to settle and face what comes for you…its kind of the compulsory question that you have in an exam that is difficult but requires you to attempt to pass through…

I like pouring my thoughts into my blogs like this because I believe many people out there might find it difficult to handle themselves in weird situations life put you through and would like to know that they are not alone facing this. Sometimes its just enough to know that there are people around who are in difficult situations but choose to fight and face it. I do appreciate how similar the points that I mention here are to theirs through their comments on my blogs. Thanks you all for the love and support…

Kind Regards,



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