Self care…

What makes you believe someone who you think loves you actually does? Let’s frame it this way like what is your definition of love, if you are able to define what love means to you use that frame on people around you and the ones that fit in your love frame is whom you love. But how can you make a same Frame for others and guaze if you actually fit into their love frame…

Where there is affection there is love

Where there is genuine care and concern there is love

Where there is hope there is love

Where there is pain there is love

Where there is heartbreak there used to be love

Where there is a crush it might manifest into love

Where there is believe there is love

It’s difficult to understand if you can fit into the love frame of the person who fits in your frame but you do have a person for you who understands you in and out, who has been a witness to all your struggles, successes, failures, who guides your conscience to do what is right for you, you might not be present in front of you directly but you constantly talk to them and ask for their validation before making up your mind. You guessed it…its YOU.

You have validation for person whom you like and love but do you even consider yourself before them. You do fit in you love frame perfectly but you tend to believe you’ll find it outside which often leads to expectations and eventually disappointment. Why put yourself through so much? You are responsible for your own happiness and you are the one who is supposed to put efforts to achieve that. You can’t completely make your happiness others business and never goes as you think and you end up losing yourself in the process which is all you’ll always have no matter what you do. Don’t underestimate how lovely and beautiful you are inside out and you don’t people to love you to live but rather you need to put yourself first and care for your feelings.


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