Let me make my mistakes and learn from it

Let me make my own series of mistakes to learn and grow through it… Life doesn’t come with a guide or manual so how can someone force you to believe what they say through their experience is right for me as well. We all have different ideas and prospective in life and just because I don’t agree with someone on a point doesn’t make me look stupid or rebel. Ofcourse I have my own thoughts that I have developed over years of my existence through my good and bad experiences that have shaped my personality the way it is today. It’s my choice to make to take or leave people’s suggestions based or their experience or make my own mistakes and learn from it, who knows if I don’t make a mistake instead find a better way out of it and teach these people this prospect that I have on it!
In today’s world no elder can impose their thoughts on their children or grandchildren but only suggest a way which they find better through their own past experiences. If you try to impose your thoughts on them surely you’ll drift yourself away from their heart as you seem to be controlling to them and surely nobody likes to be controlled against their will, isn’t it… Instead you can just share your experiences with them rather than making them believe and do what you want and maybe you giving them your experience will help them make better choices and love and respect you more dearly since they can see that you actually respect their thought as an individual and not always treat them as a kid when they are already grown up adults…
It’s a privilege to have a choice to make and learn from your mistakes and nobody can teach you better than your own personal experiences so never refrain to make a choice to choose a path and face whatever difficulties that may come your way because this process is what will take you long way and again practically speaking you can’t expect somebody to always be there to hold your hands and guide you throughout your life…


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