Isn’t it ironical that if a person is close to you, their silence is loudest that they can speak to you. This is because silence is the language of your heart…

It speaks louder than anyone can hear without even a single word being uttered. If you feel a connection with a person you may actually understand many gestures of the person or rather you can infer the mood of that person without that person speaking it out to you in words. Well this isn’t a rocket science to understand, this connection or bonding comes from the trust, understanding and time that you’ve spent together which helped you understand that person so well that words no longer remains the only medium for you to communicate or understand what the other person is thinking or feeling… This heart to heart connection makes you understand each other better. Isn’t it amazing and worth appreciating that we people can share this kind of magical connection with each other…

Silence is sometimes like a cold winter night which makes you feel the cold and emptiness in your heart while sometimes it is what you need to be able to get your thoughts together and make a firm decision.

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