Work from home culture

As it’s been one year since the lockdown began in India for this pandemic and offices was shutdown starting the trend of WFH, I can remember before lockdown started in Mar-20 it was amazing going to office for your 9am-6pm shift and coming back home even though being tired working, attending meetings and traveling, appreciating time that we get after office to spend and enjoy with family. Even though it was tedious but it was fun package spending amazing time with family and colleagues even though we were working under tight deadlines.

The work from home culture has brought about change in the lifestyle of the working class both for some its good pursuing their hobbies and focusing on fitness while bad for others who tend to spend their offline hours just eating, sleeping and binge watching series without any limits.

As months and quarters passed by it is clear that during this COVID-19 lockdown many people have lost their jobs and are desperately looking for a new job and are ready to make any compromise(which may be with regards to demanding less CTC for their experience or shift to any location which might not be of their preference) The mentality of people having job is like they need even working overtime without asking for comp-off or overtime allowance appreciating the fact that they are having a job in hand in these difficult times and keeping the employers happy by doing this. Isn’t it the responsibility of the company or employer to appreciate the efforts of employees during this difficult time with a hike or bonus and incentives whether or not he is asking for it.

But what exactly is being reciprocated by the company to their employee is to be a part of mad race of thinking that since the employee is working from home he can be expected to be online for 24/7 as and when they need without being paid any extra incentives for these efforts and gestures as to make them appreciate that ‘atleast’ have a job in hand. If they want to keep the job they need to be productive(new definition of which these days is to be available to take up any task at any given time irrespective of your working shift timing).

Will this corporate culture bring anything good? It’s already affecting the mental state of employee who has no personal time left for themselves and is frustrated continuously thinking how to impress the employer and secure their jobs in this difficult times where getting new job or thinking about a job switch in this pandemic recession has become like a non fulfilling dream.

It’s the responsibility of the corporates to make sure that they provide all the incentives to the deserving employee without being asked to do so by employees by resigning.

If things goes on like this I am afraid we will need to visit a psychiatrist or counselor more often than we actually visit a doctor.

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