Can you remember how you felt first time when you were left by you parents at your grandparent’s place or any friend’s or relative’s place. Well that can be boring if you don’t have friends around there but wonderful if you get all the attention from everyone since you are so small and cute or smart whatever!

Can you recollect how you felt on your first day of kindergarten, middleschool and high-school. Well well thats a bit scary leaving your parents for the first time sitting amidst other kids and teacher that might not be what you wanted it to be like.

Can you still remember the feeling you had when it was first day in college with no familiar faces around. Ofcourse there is a feeling of excitement if you tend to be an extrovert but here I am not mentioning this feeling. Think deeper.

Again can you remember when how you felt when you entered your office/workplace for the first time or when you actually switched your job recently. Yes it might have been a feeling of relief that you are employed now and can think of starting a new and supporting your family. Indeed what an inexplicable feeling that is! But here again I am not talking about this feeling either.

All these situations that I have mentioned above is where you all might have experienced a common feeling… I.e. lack of the feeling of comfort. I bet you might have experienced this in one or the other phase of beginning a new chapter in your life in various scales that may vary depending upon if you are an introvert or an extrovert.

Well we are always told to choose comfort over any other materialistic thing since it will give you peace, satisfaction which is what you need in the long run in your life. The real question here is how do you know if you are comfortable with a particular place or thing in your life to prioritize it over other things…

You might think at once and conclude that I have many friends there so I feel safe and comfort, while other might say they may have pleasant memories of this place or person that comforts them and make it define as comfort to them.That is ofcourse not that easy to figure out if you think carefully about it.

You become comfortable only when you face and be in that place for a while. You observe and try to understand people and places around, communicate with people around,

make up pros and con list in your mind about this place, make friends here and actually make efforts to belong here. This is unconscious efforts people make under their natural behavior to make themselves comfortable to that environment and train your mind believe that you are comfortable right here and you belong here.

The strange thing is that this comfort feeling doesn’t comes to you automatically…this never happens. You have to put some efforts knowingly or unknowingly to make it look like it.

The point I am trying to emphasize here is for you feeling of comfort begins only when you feel discomfort and you know how it feels like to be in discomfortable and make up your mind to change this feeling, failing to do which makes you wish you can run away from it.

Another amazing thing is that the feeling of comfort is so addictive that it makes you want to stick in and hold on to things that are no longer beneficial to your personal development but you still don’t want to give it up anyways since you’ve found warmth and comfort in it that you’ve been yearning for.

The efforts that we put between discomfort to comfort is what enables us to grow and develop in to a better version of ourselves.

It might be an easy for an extrovert to achieve this feeling in short time because of their jolly, friendly and bring it on kind of personality, but introverts do get a hard time getting acquainted to such situations. So comfort does not come to you inbuilt in your system for a person or a place when you are born or when you just step into a new environment, its what you inculcate, nurture and make up such a warm cocoon for yourself to be happy and make yourself believe that you belong here !

Well we can only say constants in life is only what is comforting to you…like your parents, siblings, friend or even you home at large where you’ve spent most of your happy times…

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