Wishful thinking

There comes a point in life where you feel cold deep inside your heart.
Some expectations that you’ve been nurturing like forever that you’ve not received however hard you’ve tried for it or even though you’ve secretly kept it in your prayers forever.
Its the thing you cannot give up hope for and deep down in your heart you’ve known the possibility of it not getting implemented ever. It occupies your heart little by little everyday and when you see it not happening inspite of all the efforts you’ve put in, these unfulfilled things start to freeze your heart making you incapable to feel the warmth even though you don’t intend to be this way. You can’t help it, you can’t stop yourself from feeling this way since its the thing that you’ve always wanted and prayed for and it has been occupying an inexplicable snd irreplaceable place in your heart. To deal with such shortcomings is not as easy as it may sound since its painful to peep in to this frozen part of your heart as it makes you think of how everyday you’ve wished to make it happen and how everyday at the end of the day you realize it won’t happen…
You feel cold just like being in a distant snowclad mountain having nobody around for you to get any warmth from. You desperately start to find ways to distract thyself from the pain of unfulfilled expectations but it working out for you is indeed a ‘wishful thinking’.
Everybody have such baggage hidden deep inside their heart and you can’t throw it away. It grows everyday and you tend to learn how to carry it with you each passing day and help yourself in future taking this baggage as a lesson and experience as to how you learnt to face it and carry it. Everyone has this cold place deep in their heart which they do not want to reveal to anyone fearing maybe judgment from others and the possibility that they might not understand why you can’t give up on it snd how important it is for you…
The way you learn to deal with these shortcomings and experiences in life is what decides how successful you become.
Existing isn’t difficult but learning to make each experience and lesson taken from various shortcomings in life is what give it a worth. You may not appreciate this but yes deep down you are still putting so much effort everyday to make it worth not knowing if would help you accomplish your purpose or not.
This effort that you put to tolerate this coldness in your heart is what makes you worth it, it makes you stronger and helps you turn shortcomings you faced in life into a precious memory and experience to treasure.

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