Back to home thoughts

Today while I am sitting in the train by the window traveling back to home after a year almost for diwali few thoughts randomly hit me that generally I never get time to ponder on or think about…

This Covid-19 lockdown and WFH definitely tested me enough making me stay alone away from the family for almost a year and in such a way that I can’t feel the excitement of going home for Diwali at all that kept me lit up for many weeks before going back home… My mind is all filled with how to reach home safely since I am traveling through the train…

I was fine with staying away from home for Diwali till two weeks back and suddenly something changed. I felt the urge of going home, not wanting to experience staying alone on festival day thinking about all the good old years that I enjoyed with family in Diwali.

This is when some part of me started convincing me to go back home as it is not worth it to stay away from the family for any reason on the main festive season. I realized I deserve to feel happy and contented at this time of the year… Without allowing myself to have any second thoughts on this, I followed my heart booked the ticket and here I am writing this blog in the train.

I realized this part of me that convinced me to chuck everything and do what I want always pops up when the limit of tolerance is reached and something becomes unbearable to feel and survive it… This part of me is my personal favorite that never allows me to give up and directs me to a way that makes it easy to make up….

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