Kind gestures…

A subtle smile on eye contact, casual greetings and ‘Hey’ waving is how we know few people around us in office or places we often visit and not really by their name but by their face!! We do not really know these people in person, might not be knowing their name as well, or might have never even talked to them, but there is a kind of warmth in these little gestures that we share everyday.

Some day might be rough for you but seeing that person smiling at you or greeting you might bring a moment of happiness to which you might not even notice to see and appreciate for a while.

You might not even imagine and notice when these daily gestures that you share with someone becomes your routine… You realize that something is missing in your routine when you do not see them around any day or when they are gone forever.

There is no specific reason to notice this but definitely worth appreciating the fact that we people get attached to people whom we do not know at all but recognize them merely by their face or their smile so soon but it takes so many days to get into the system that they have left the place but have occupied a teeny tiny place in you memories or in your heart through their kind little gesture.

You would always remember how they made you feel at that given moment and you can try and become this person in someone else’s life so as to bring little or momentous smile in somebody’s face. Little acts of kindness and gestures may not be a great thing for you but might bring so much value and worth in somebody’s life which you also won’t be aware of.

A little smile might not matter to you but maybe it may fill a moment of joy in somebody’s life who is sad or who really need it at the given moment.

P.S: This blog is dedicated to all the people who made my day or made me smile in some way or the other being unnoticed but definitely worth being known to.


Tea time thoughts: Why coming back to your space is not always that you want…

Whoever stay away from their family in some other city would agree with me when I say there are two feelings that would never change no matter how much you grow up, the feeling of going to you home for some occasion and the feeling of returning back to the city where you work.

It’s basically a human tendency to urge for something more when you have all that you need. There is always a burning desire to get more. For some becoming rich is a desire, for some it might be settling down with their family, for some it may be pursuing their hobbies apart from your 9 to 5 jobs.

I can give you perfect example for this which you may all relate to like I do. It is when you are away from your family there are times when you feel like leaving everything and going back to them forever. This is quite an intense feeling that is very difficult to control. Even if you come back to your family, there is a part of your heart which wants to stay alone and wants some space from the human reach. Well this may be because you are so used to staying alone with yourself without your family, that you start feeling for a need to have some personal space. Again when you leave them and come back again you are not contented. This goes on in loop and there is no way you can let go of this instantaneous feelings that rise up or subtle down.

Well there is no way you can stop feeling this way but definitely as you grow up you are occupied with so many issues that you need to look into, that you forget to ponder about the above void and space feelings and this is why you feel that you are not affected by it anymore but this is not the case here.

As they say human psychology and human brain is most difficult to understand but I feel it is even more difficult to understand and control the feelings and emotions that humans have in their hearts.

Age is just a number, isn’t it?

They say ‘age is just a number’, I wonder is it really so? If it would have been just a number you would not have anything to compare between an infant with a teen or a middle-aged person to a senior citizen. We all know that this is not the case. All of the above mentioned age category are different with a different mindset and thinking.

If age is just a number what makes them so different from each other…

It’s the various situation that they are facing and most importantly it’s the bag of experience and learnings that each one carries with them which is not same for any two person. This bags differs in size and weight which we can say is directly proportional to their age.

So I think age is the witness to all the good and bad times that you’ve survived, the success and the failures that you have faced every day of your blessed life and how much humble or arrogant you’ve become after facing all these challenges and situations in life. You definitely can understand the chakra of karma as you grow up.

You cannot stop ageing neither does you bag seize to grow in size… All that you can do is share your learnings till date with your near and dear ones so that they learn a lesson from your mistakes and flourish more in their life… This is exactly what our elders do, isn’t it?

About ‘My Person’ of your life…

I believe everyone has one such person in their life who is always there just to listen to all of your stories and stuffs which you might never feel a need to tell anybody else. I call them my ‘instant reachout person’ or you may call them your ‘agony aunt’.

How necessary is it to constantly have someone at you back as your support system who would first make you feel comfortable, calm you down if you are angry or frustrated, listen to you, understand your situation without judging you.

This person would definitely appreciate, support or correct and help you depending on situation where you stand. You feel comfortable sharing any thoughts with them without even it occurring to you if you need to rethink about discussing it with them.

How convenient is it to believe and trust this person since you know how well he/she knows you maybe sometime even better than you think you know yourself.
Having such a kind and generous person in you life always is always a blessing and off course staying with them always do make you feel assertive no matter what phase of life you are facing.

It’s never too late to express them what they mean to you and appreciate how special they are to actually make you feel so optimistic and happy in every damn situation no matter how good or bad they are.

Since everyone loves to get to know how important they are to you or how do you feel the void if they are not around to speak or listen to you.

Expressing how important a person is to you in your life won’t make you small but make the other person feel elated which they definitely deserve from you for always being there for you…

Destiny or perspective of looking at things…what do you believe in?

I always find myself being ‘lectured’ by elders about believing in my destiny and being advised to change the prospective of looking at things in life and to be optimistic when I am on the verge of loosing all hopes and start believing that nothing good would ever happen to me and is it really worth it for me to stive so hard when I am not even sure I would be able to achieve what I want from my life.

So I believe as they say ‘Not every ship is destined to see the shore…’ similarly
Not every person is destined to be in a place he see’s himself at the time that he think, the way how he thinks but if that place is what his destiny is, no matter whatever difficulty comes on his way, no matter how much time does it take, one day he’ll find himself at that place looking back appreciating all the efforts that have put in throughout his journey…

One from the city of dreams

There is always a time in your life when you feel that you deserve so much, so much better than this…may be that’s true as well but this might not be the right time for you to get what you expect that you deserve, may be it’s just a beginning of a wonderful journey that you are yet to witness, but for sure when you look back you’ll have so many stories to tell your kids every night about your journey so far which may prove to be an inspiration for them…

I believe everything is destined to happen in your life in a particular time not before and neither after that time has passed…

Sea shore of city of dreams

There is always a possibility that you might get more than what you think that you deserve, only one thing that you can do for yourself is strive hard to achieve it, strive hard to be able to deserve it, keep no stone unturned to make it happen to you…!

Patience and perspective of looking at situations is the key it seems!!

Your journey…

Each day is born with a sunrise
and ends in a sunset, the same way we
open our eyes to see the light,
and close them to feel the dark.
You never have control over
how your story begins or ends….

But even though you are aware of this fact, still you strive to bring it under control by leaving no stone unturned…!
Every spark or light returns to darkness.
Every sound returns to silence.
The journey of the sun
and moon is predictable,
but yours, is pretty not…

Shivaji park Mumbai

But by now, if you look back in life you will appreciate the fact that
all things that begins have an ending- indeed every joy and sorrow are never permanent in your lives.

You cannot trust any situation in your life to be permanent or I would say it will be wrong if you even expect this stability in your life. Your life is going to bring you so many twists and turns forcing you to rethink as in how is it even possible for things to change so drastically in life where you are merely a silent spectator.

All we can do is just face it, learn a lesson from it and move on changing ourselves a bit every passing day preparing ourselves for some new unsaid challenge waiting on our path to break us or to make us better person than what we were yesterday…

Fortunate are the people who have never fell into any situation where they can relate with this post… I hope they realize, appreciate and count their blessings in this matter.

Little bakery in the heart of BKC- Elementaria bakery cafe

Today me and my friend planned to go out for a little snacks to do some catch up. To create few beautiful memories together what can be more apt than a bakery cafe! So we just went there in the evening when the weather was bit clear (of course we prefer not going out during rain since we stay here in Mumbai which has a very bad track record for monsoon in the past)

We checked out few cafes in the internet before choosing Elementaria.

It’s a lovely little place in the heart of BKC- which is one of the best cafe hub in the city nowadays.

It is really fascinating as to how tastefully this cafe is decorated in cream color which itself makes it look pretty.

Elementaria is a pretty little bakery cafe having a wide range varieties of pastries, cakes, cupcakes and few variants of snacks for the snacks munching.

Food is good and ambience is perfect for the cafe hoppers, I would recommend this cafe in case you have soft corner of sweets and coffee !!